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Creative essay writing involves a lot of creativity hence its name. It goes beyond normal writing that only involves factual statement and summary. Academic writing involves communicating arguments in an objective manner while stating facts to the reader.

The goal of academic writing is to equip the reader with knowledge. However, with creative writing, the essay writer must be creative and write content that does not involve the normal professional writing. It involves narration, character development, adoption of literary styles, and the adoption of poetry in some cases.

Imagination is a critical tool in this case since it enables the individual to think out of the box. Something is deemed creative if it is out of the norm. Imagination goes a long way in making creative essay writing a reality. Imagination enables an individual to identify an idea that other people would not normally notice. The reader would even be shocked by the fact that they had not about something like that.

Sometimes creativity involves using normal scenarios or items in an unexpected way. The creative essay writer must, therefore, let their imagination run wild without attempting to tame it. The essay is not dependent on facts and gives the essay writer a lot of freedom to select their content. The essay writer can be as creative as possible to ensure their essay is captivating and interests the reader.

Despite obvious differences, professional essay writing and creative essay writing have major similarities. They both aim at passing across information to the reader although their approaches differ. Professional essay writing focuses on convincing and educating the reader while creative essay writing focuses on entertaining the reader. Both essays demand good communication skills for the essay writer to put across the intended information.

Creative writing skills are essential for essay writers engaging in professional writing to make their essays stand out. To make your paper appealing to the reader, it is necessary to adopt a certain level of creative writing.

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How to Start Your Creative Essay

the essay writing process

Generate ideas for your essay

When tasked with writing a creative essay, begin with generating ideas for your essay. Do you already have ideas in mind? Then note them down to enable you to plan and execute your essay. If not, it’s time to begin the brainstorming process. Try to come up with ideas that will guide you in essay writing.

Conduct some research in your area of interest

Conduct some research in your area of interest to see if something catches your attention. However, be careful not to replicate another person’s content thus aim at being original from the start. Once you generate your ideas for the essay, you are now ready to begin the essay writing process.

Pick a topic from your ideas

Start by organizing your ideas and prioritizing them. Pick the idea that interests you the most and comes up with a topic for your essay. This topic will determine the content in your essay and will guide the essay writing process from the start to the end.

Select a format for your essay

The next step in becoming a creative essay writer involves selecting a format for your essay. There are numerous formats that you can experiment with. Select one that you would like to follow and this will guide you by identifying your audience. Some formats include short stories, blogs, poetry, and screenplays.

Consider adaptation for your essay

In view of the various formats, consider adaptation for your essay. This includes adapting the content of a creative piece that you previously encountered. For instance, you could write your custom essay based on ideas borrowed from a film you watched.

Identify the main themes of your essay

Identify the main themes of your essay, what you want the reader to pick out from the essay. Also what you want your reader to think or feel after reading the essay. The themes determine the interpretation of the essay by the reader. For instance, if the theme is love, then the reader will view the content from the perspective of love.

Develop an outline of the essay

The next step is to develop an outline that will guide you in organizing the entire essay. The outline makes work easier by guiding you on the required content at every step. It helps with the organization of ideas into a comprehensive essay.

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How to Write A Creative Essay

Tips to write a good creative essay

Select a suitable topic

In creative essay writing, choosing the topic is essential. You must select a suitable topic to make it possible for you to create creative content. Once you select your topic, you should be ready to start the essay writing process.

Create a suitable thesis statement

Also, create a suitable thesis statement since it will also frame your essay accordingly. Even a creative essay needs to have a direction for it to captivate the reader. The essay writer must always think about what the essay is about and organize their ideas around this.

Create an outline

Creating an outline is the other important undertaking. Do not begin working on your essay without planning. Planning is paramount and it ensures that the essay is comprehensive to the reader.

Brainstorm and Generate ideas

While you create your outline, think about ideas for your essay. This is a creative essay hence the need to brainstorm and generate as many ideas as possible. In generating ideas, try to be as creative as possible to ensure that you have rich content.

Think out of the box since that is what creativity is about and this will make you a remarkable creative essay writer. Do not dismiss any idea as silly, just note it down and it might be the idea that takes your essay to the next level. Every idea matters and you should note them down so that you do not forget any of them.

Select the most viable ideas

After brainstorming, go through the ideas and select the most viable ideas that could facilitate our essay writing and bring out an interesting creative essay. From the sample of ideas, select your final list of the best ideas from your list.

Start by writing the introduction

Then, it is time to begin the essay writing process guided by the outline you prepared. Begin with the introduction which is very critical to your essay. Concentrate on writing an introduction that draws the reader’s attention to your essay.

Write a captivating first sentence that will make the reader want to continue reading the rest of the essay. The first sentence creates the first impression of the entire essay. If the sentence is captivating, then the reader will find the rest of the essay enjoyable.

A boring first sentence will create the impression that the entire essay is boring regardless of how interesting it may be. The first sentence and the introduction should be captivating and should engage the reader. Ensure that the reader enjoys reading your essay from the beginning.

Develop the body of your essay

After writing your introduction, it is time to develop the body of your essay. The body includes content that expounds on your ideas. The ideas you selected for your paper will guide you in writing this section. They will determine what you include in this section.

As an essay writer, ensure that when writing the body of your essay, there is a smooth transition between paragraphs. Avoid fixing your ideas in this section randomly and instead, work on a smooth transition between ideas. Moving from one idea to the next should be smooth to avoid making them look random.

The body of the essay should contain enough information to enable you to engage with your reader and pass across your message. You can choose to subdivide the body into subsections or you could write it without the subdivisions. Make this judgment based on the type of essay that you are writing.

Write a conclusion for your essay

After writing a comprehensive body, then move to write a conclusion for your essay. Prepare a conclusion that helps you sign off and leave the reader yearning for more content from you. Use suspense to leave the reader wanting to know what happened next. A good conclusion makes the reader look forward to meeting the captivating essay writer in person and asking about what happens next in the essay.

Creative Essay Writing Tips

Use proper grammar

The essay writing process in creative writing is similar to that of other forms of writing. The use of proper grammar is critical to enable the reader to understand the contents of the essay. Using poor grammar will put off the reader and it will not matter how interesting the essay is.

Proper writing and execution skills

Sometimes, the essay writer may have very interesting essay ideas but lacks proper execution skills. In this case, the reader may not discover just how creative the essay writer is. Writing skills are therefore very important for any essay writer. Learn to express yourself with words efficiently. Unless you can put it in words, then no one will understand your ideas, thoughts, or emotions.

Proper language skills

If you want to become a good creative essay writer, polish your language skills since language is the tool that will enable the conveyance of your ideas to the reader.

Proofread and edit your essay

Proofreading is mandatory when writing your creative essay to identify and correct any errors within the essay. Edit your essay and ensure that you have used flawless grammar and that your essay is devoid of errors.

Choose a brief and intriguing title for your essay

Another tip to ensure that your creative essay stands out lies in the selection of your title. Choose a brief and intriguing title for your essay that attracts the attention of the reader from the beginning.

A clear title will be easy to understand and creates expectations for the reader. The reader is drawn to the essay since they are interested in learning what it is about.

Therefore, pay attention to your title and ensure that it draws the reader’s attention to the essay. Once you start your essay writing strongly, then you should have no trouble convincing the reader to go through the entire essay.

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