Custom Essay Writing Service Procedure

How Our Essay Writing Service Works


1. Fill Order Details


The first step after getting in touch with us is outlining the type of writing service you require from our team. In this case, you specify whether you require writing, editing, proofreading or research services. These are the services available and our custom writers can help you in all of them. Our essay writers can handle any kind of custom essay.

After specifying the service you desire, then it is time to specify the type of essay you require. Do you want a research paper, expository essay, MBA essay, or a narrative essay? Indicating the desired type of essay will enable the custom writer to narrow down to exactly what your paper needs.

Another important element to include when filling the order details is the length of the essay. Indicate the number of pages that you would like the essay to have. Also, include other special features for your paper such as an abstract and table of contents.

We offer custom essays and you, therefore, get to decide how your final essay should look like. Do not forget to include the formatting style for your paper such as MLA, APA, and Harvard. The formatting style will guide the custom writer in formatting the essay as well as the reference page.

Another important thing is leaving your contacts so that our team can reach you in case there are clarifications needed.


2. Make Payments


Once you have established the type of service and essay that you need from our team, it is time to make payments for the service. Every service attracts a different charge and you will pay according to the service charges.

Also, different essays attract varying charges and therefore, you will have to select the type of essay. Also, the length of the paper matters and also determines the price. We offer very affordable prices for all our services and there are no additional charges after making these payments.

These payments cater to everything involving the writing of your custom essay. You can relax and just wait to receive a high-quality custom essay of your choice.

Also, do not pay the custom writers directly, we have a standard paying system that each of our customers uses. Report any case where a custom writer asks you to pay them directly.

Remember, we have a money-back guarantee that ensures that you receive a refund when unsatisfied with your custom essay. If this happens, you are entitled to receive a refund of all your payments within an hour.


3. Choose Writer


You can now pick your preferred custom writer to work on your essay. You have the right to choose a custom writer that you are confident can deliver a custom essay that will be satisfactory to you. We have custom writers with varying ratings and all you have to do is choose one according to the provided information.

Information is available including the name of the writer, account number, academic credentials, and level of experience. You may pick the top writer to handle very complicated and highly specialized essays.

A simple essay could be assigned to any writer and they can comfortably deliver a satisfactory essay. You can also identify a specific custom writer to handle all your essays. In this case, every time you make an order, they will be the ones working on it.

It is important to note that sometimes your writer of choice may be unavailable at the moment or unable to handle your essay due to other orders. In such a case, you should go ahead and select another custom writer of choice.

We can also assist you with the selection of a suitable custom writer. If you make more than one order, we will distribute each essay to a suitable custom writer.


4. Writing Your Custom Essay


Research Process

Preparing your custom essay begins with conducting thorough research and understanding the subject matter. The custom writer carefully goes through the order details that you filled in to understand the specific instructions for your essay.

The research process only begins after the custom writer fully understands the provided instructions. In case the instructions are incomplete or unclear, they get in touch with you for clarification.

Ensure that you provide correct contact details and respond to the team’s communication. Your speed of response will determine how long the essay writing process will take.

The goal here is to ensure that the custom writer understands what you need and delivers exactly that. The custom writer conducts thorough research from credible sources for reliable information. Credible information is essential since it is the building block of original and high-quality custom essays.

The custom writers must be able to support the information they give in the essay with credible references. They conduct fresh research for every essay and do not duplicate information to avoid plagiarism.

Writing Process

After conducting thorough research, the next step involves writing the actual essay. The custom writer develops an essay guided by your instructions and the research conducted. The writing process is very important since it determines the final essay.

The essay writing process begins with developing ideas, conducting research, and finally incorporating all these into a final essay. After writing the custom essay, the custom writer must proofread and edit appropriately.

Formatting must also take place according to the specified formatting style. At the end of the process, the custom essay is ready for delivery to the customer.

Receive Complete Essay

Once the custom writer finishes writing the custom essay, they submit the finished product to the customer. This occurs immediately after the custom writer satisfactorily finishes writing the custom essay. They deliver the finished essay before the expiry of the time duration given.

This gives the customer ample time to go through the essay and to request for revisions if necessary. The final essay is well put together and thoroughly edited according to the customer’s instructions. It is ready for submission and is of high quality.

Review the Essay

After receiving the final essay, it is time to review the essay to check if it meets all the requirements. Crosscheck the custom essay with the provided instructions to ensure that they match. The custom writer has done their part and it is now time to play your part by reviewing the paper.

Identify any errors and mistakes that the custom writer may have overlooked. Check the formatting style and the length of the paper. Ensure that you read the paper for you to judge the quality of the content. Check if the essay is well referenced and that the in-text citations are well inserted.

You could also make use of editing tools and plagiarism checkers to ensure that your paper is well-written. This is an important step and its success depends on your participation. You should, therefore, make a point of confirming that the essay you have received is the same essay you ordered. Does it meet your standards and expectations? If not, then you should request for a revision immediately.

Request Revision

Do not shy away from requesting for as many revisions as necessary. Revisions are free and we, therefore, do not charge anything for revisions requested by customers. Customers should therefore not fear that asking for many revisions may be costly to them.

When requesting for a revision, the first step is identifying the areas of the custom essay that fell below expectations. After you identify them, inform the custom writer by pointing out these issues.

Then prepare revision instructions for the custom writer to begin working on the custom essay. Provide clear revision instructions for the custom writer to understand what requires adjusting. It is important to point out the issues clearly to make the revision process easier.

Once the custom writer understands the instructions, they are able to act accordingly within the set duration. Revisions are meant to customize the essay further to suit the desires of the customer. The custom writer has an obligation to follow the revision instructions provided and make proper adjustments.

Consultation is also encouraged to ensure that the custom writer and the customer are on the same page with regards to the revision.

Receive Final Draft

After seeking the necessary revision from the writer, it is now time to receive the final draft. The final draft should match all your requirements provided by the customer. At this point, the custom writer will have used your instructions to develop an essay that fits your description.

It should be a satisfactory essay that you will submit to the lecturer or intended persons. You will receive the final draft within the provided time to enable you to meet deadlines. The essay represents the finished product of your order and also the value for your money.

Once again, go through your essay to ensure that it is exactly what you asked for. Receiving the final draft means the completion of the transaction between the custom writer and the customer.

Rate the Writer

This step is very important since it determines the reputation of your essay writer. Your review of the custom writer will determine their rank and ease of accessing new orders. Do not ignore this part since it will act as a guide to other customers.

They will be able to know what to expect when dealing with a certain custom writer. Document your experience while working with the writer. Did they submit a high-quality paper? Did they follow instructions? Did they observe the time limits? Give your custom writer a score that they deserve.

If they did a good job, indicate that and comment on the areas they did exceptionally well. Also, if they submitted a low-quality paper, they also give them a rating that they deserve.

With proper rating, poorly performing custom writer is compelled to improve on quality to enhance customer satisfaction. The highly performing employees, on the other hand, obtain the motivation to produce better essays for customers.


Steps To Ensure a Smooth Process


Choose Your Custom Writer of Choice

The choice of a custom writer is very critical to the development of your custom essay. The writer will be in charge of researching information to include in the custom essay and will also develop an essay that includes all this information.

Custom writers receive your instructions and translate them into a tangible product. When choosing a custom writer, do some research on the writer’s credentials and their level of experience. Do not choose a business major to tackle your computer science essay but instead, consider the specialization of the custom writers.

Specialization ensures that individuals have a high level of expertise in their area of study. Therefore, pick a custom writer who has specialized in your area of study. This way, you can be assured of their ability to deliver an essay that meets your expectations.

Also, consider the level of education of the essay writer and choose one with the same or a higher level of education. When you do not have time to make the selection or to research on the custom writers, leave the job to us and we will find the most appropriate candidate. We can easily match your essay needs to the available custom writers. We will always connect you with the most suitable writer to handle your job.

Chat With Your Custom Writer

Communicating with your custom writer is the secret to having a high-quality custom essay. The communication should begin as soon as you place an order. You need to ensure that the custom writer understands the requirements of your custom essay.

Communicate the instructions clearly and using a simple language. Avoid ambiguous words that could easily lead to misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

Also, be ready to respond to queries from the custom writer as soon as they are raised. Make clarifications as soon as possible to enhance the efficiency of the custom writer. Make follow-ups on the progress of your essay to remain informed about the process.

Ask the custom writer about the progress and when they expect to complete the essay. Also, ask if there are any hurdles in writing your custom essay. Offer assistance where applicable to enhance efficiency and ensure that you receive your complete essay in time. Timely communication on both ends will enhance the delivery process.

Raise Concerns on Time

Issues may arise in relation to your custom essay and you should raise concerns on a timely basis. If you have concerns about the timeline or forgot to include some crucial information in the instructions, always contact your writer.

If you have queries about the essay writing process, you are welcome to talk to the team for clarifications. Any kind of questions are welcome and we do not impose any restrictions towards that end. Once you raise your concerns, the custom writer is able to understand how to meet your expectations.

Rate Your Custom Writer

To effectively manage custom writers, it is important to rate your custom writer after completion of an order. When you rate the writer, other customers are able to know the performance of a writer making it easier for them to select custom writers.

Also, when other customers rate custom writers, it becomes easy for you to identify a suitable writer to handle your essay. The rating policy also ensures that the custom writers stay on their toes when it comes to serving customers.


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