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Joining graduate school in most cases requires you to prepare an MBA essay that determines your selection into the program. This type of essay mostly focuses on your achievements and your suitability for the program. You, therefore, need to detail your achievements and make them as colourful as possible to impress the board that determines your fate.

Just like a scholarship essay, an MBA essay is characterized by stiff competition. There are numerous applicants competing for limited slots within the school. The essay will be the determinant of your entry into the program.

This essay is very critical and is the key to unlocking your future. You will need to prepare an essay for the board that will determine whether you are a good fit for the program. You, therefore, need to convince them that you are the best fit and that you will be a valuable addition to the program. An MBA essay is therefore very critical to your career since it will be the ticket to that colourful career you have always envisioned.

Due to its high level of importance, every student should be extra keen when writing an MBA essay. If your essay writing is poor, it will dim your chances of securing a slot in any graduate school. Your essay writing skills will be used to judge your capabilities, passion, and your personality.

It plays the same role as a CV where the employer attempts to learn everything about you from the CV you present. Obviously, the CV does not tell everything about you but it is the only information about you that the employer has.

The board will, therefore, analyze your essay critically to obtain as much information about you as possible. The essay will highlight your character, interests, ambitions, strengths, weaknesses, and other details that you may not intentionally communicate.

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How to Write an MBA Essay

How to Write an MBA Essay

After understanding the importance of an MBA essay, it is time to learn how to write a proper essay. The first thing to remember is that the essay writing process should begin weeks before you submit that final document. Start thinking about your essay way before you even start essay writing.

1. Brainstorm for ideas on what to include in your essay and maintain two lists

One list should be about what you intend to include about you. The other list should include specific information about the schools you are applying to. Generate a lot of ideas since in some cases, you may need to write different essays.

In this case, you will need fresh ideas each time since you cannot use one essay for all of them. When you begin visualizing the essay writing process before you start writing, you will have an easier time writing your essay. If you begin the essay writing late, the pressure may prevent you from writing a high-quality essay.

2. Read the given instructions and understand the requirements of the essay

Once it is time to start essay writing, read the instructions carefully. Go through the questions and specifications provided for the essay. Read and understand the question clearly before you start writing your essay.

Research on the question provided to ensure that you have the right information regarding the subject. Make consultation where the information is unclear to avoid writing about irrelevant things. Also, do not think of answering your own questions but instead answer those asked by the board.

3. Get personal and connect with the reader

As the essay writer, you need to get personal in your writing. The admission officers are interested in knowing about you and therefore, the essay should make it possible for them to know who you are.

Do not just write general information but make your essay personal. Include your personal experiences, achievements, and opinions where applicable. Refer to experiences you have had in the past and situations that you underwent.

In reading your essay, the admission board should be able to gather some information about you. They should be in a position to write a profile about you that sums up who you are and what you intend to achieve.

4. Write about your achievements but refrain from bragging

Confidently and proudly indicate your achievements but in a humble manner. Bragging about them may rub the officers off the wrong way. They may interpret it as arrogance and this may be a quality that they cannot tolerate in their program.

In addition to writing about your past achievements, your essay writing should also feature your ambitions and things you hope to achieve in the future.

5. Indicate why you should be given the opportunity in the program.

Become a skilful essay writer by writing about how you can benefit the institution. Avoid being self-centered by only focusing on what the institution can help you achieve.

Instead, write about what you can do for the institution and the value you could add to them. Everyone is interested in gaining more value hence you should convince them on how they can achieve this.

6. In addition to writing the basic information about you in the essay, write about additional information that the officers should learn about you

If there is anything that you would wish to inform the employer, ensure that you include it in your MBA essay. Remember that most applications require that you complete the extras section.

Fill this section to ensure that you have a complete application instead of leaving the application hanging. Few applicants remember to complete their essay 100% and if you complete yours, you stand a better chance of getting selected.

7. Remember to observe the word count limitations provided by the admissions board

Organize your essay to ensure that you include all the important information without exceeding the provided word count limits.

Exceeding the word count limit by a large margin makes the reader question your communication skills. Also, if you write a short essay, the board may not take you seriously since you did not take your time to write a proper essay.

MBA Essay Writing Tips

MBA Essay Writing Tips

1. Prove your suitability

When writing your essay, demonstrate to the board that you are the best candidate for the opportunity. The board will use the essays sent by applicants to vet them. They will select only the individuals possessing the qualities they seek. Therefore, all applicants must ensure that they demonstrate their suitability for the opportunity.

Find out what the board is looking for and write a custom essay for every college you apply to. Do not send a standard essay to all colleges when sending your application. Instead, customize your essay every time to suit the needs of the institution. If they require a skillful individual, prove to them that you are extremely skillful. It does not matter how skilled or experienced you are if you do not communicate it.

No one will know how suitable you are unless you tell them. Hence, ensure that you communicate effectively about the alignment of your goals, personality, knowledge, and skills with what the institution is looking for. By communicating your suitability, you stand a better chance of being selected for the program.

2. Be authentic

Avoid making your essay like everybody else’s but instead, write unique content. Every individual is unique and your essay writing should prove this. You may be tempted to copy the essays of successful essay writers. The problem with borrowing information from other essay writers is that it prevents you from writing your authentic essay.

When you make your essay similar to that of other applicants, you lose your authenticity and the chance to prove your uniqueness. The institution is looking for authentic individuals and your essay will be the key to proving that you are one of them. Do not panic, just be yourself and believe that you are the best essay writer there is.

3. Be personal

The purpose of this essay writing process is for the institution board to learn about you. You should, therefore, make your essay very personal to enable them to learn about who you are.

Talk about your personal experiences and lessons you learned from them. Mention personal details to help the institution learn about who you are, where you have been, and where you would like to go.

Every essay writer should skillfully describe themselves and detail relevant personal details. Personal details include your educational background and academic achievements in the past. They also include work experience and internship opportunities.

Getting personal means disclosing personal opinions and perspectives about various issues. In reading your MBA essay, one can clearly know your stand about certain issues and understand your personality.

4. Show passion

The institution is not looking for a lazy and disinterested individual but is instead seeking a passionate individual. Show your passion for the program you seek to join by detailing your previous experience with issues relating to the program.

Demonstrate that you have done ample research about the institution and that you selected it among other options. Show your knowledge about the institution to prove that you are passionate about joining them.

Also, your essay writing should be enthusiastic to show that you are looking forward to joining the institution. Engage your essay writing skills to make the reader believe that you are enthusiastic about joining the institution.

The board will not admit a student who is disinterested in becoming part of the institution. When there is stiff competition, the level of passion may be used as a major element of the selection criteria. Ensure that you become an essay writer that writes with a lot of passion.

5. Apply modesty

Bragging about your qualifications will only taint the image that you are trying to paint to the admission board. Arrogant people are difficult to work with and people generally prefer individuals that they can easily get along with.

Regardless of your level of achievement, remain modest when detailing them to the admission board. Refrain from bragging by using subtle words and giving credit to other people other than only focusing on yourself. State that other people played a pivot role in your success instead of attributing all your success to your efforts and capabilities.

Use subtle words other than strong words that indicate that you are bragging to your audience. However, do not shy away from including all your achievements. Include as many as you can but ensure that you use simple words to show your modesty.

Modesty makes a strong statement that you are willing to learn and improve on yourself since you have not attained all your goals yet. It is, therefore, appealing to the board since they view you as an individual who would value the opportunity.

6. Make it interesting

Every essay writer wishes to impress the audience by ensuring that they read the essay to the end. When writing an MBA essay, engage your creativity to make your essay captivating.

Do not let your reader get bored of reading your essay without even finishing it. Use an unusual approach to the essay to make it stand out from other essays. Do not write the usual boring stuff since everyone else will be writing about them.

Dare to be different and adopt a different approach to your essay. Your uniqueness will make you the winning essay writer in the contest hence do not be afraid to take some risks. Be bold and articulate when writing your essay since this communicates confidence which is an admirable trait.

How to Write A Perfect MBA Essay

Eliminate Errors

MBA essay writing must be free of errors since errors will cost you the opportunity of a lifetime. Errors may indicate that you did not take time to go through your essay. They also indicate that you did not take the application process seriously. To avoid these potholes, go through your essay thoroughly and as many times as you can.

Also, do not trust your eyes completely but instead get someone else to help you with proofreading. Editing is a very critical process in essay writing since it ensures that the final draft is perfect and free of errors. Never submit your essay without proofreading and editing since a single error may cost you a valuable opportunity.


Seek Essay Help

Seek the services of reliable essay writers who can help you with the editing process. They can help you correct spelling and grammatical errors that may interfere with the quality of your essay. Another thing to consider is the formatting of your essay that should be simple.

Do not use complicated formatting styles that may distract from the contents of your well-written essay. Remember that pitching a perfect MBA essay does not end at editing and formatting but you also need to make a presentation in some cases. Ensure you prepare for this with main points and an interesting presentation for the board.


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