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About BombEssays

Our essay writing service began with the purpose of providing essay help. It was founded to help individuals with writing academic papers of all kinds.

The company began ten years ago with a few essay writers and has drastically grown into one of the largest writing companies in the world.

The number of essay writers has grown over time as the number of customers increased. With ten years of experience, the company has specialized in providing academic essay help to customers.

In realizing that there was a need for essay writing help, we developed a centralized website where customers can easily access professionally written essays.

Our essay writing service has hired writers who are professionals in various fields to handle essay writing for our customers. The number of essay writers grows with the growing demand for our essays.

Our Purpose

Our website offers a platform where essay writers and customers interact with the aim of producing high-quality essays. The customers communicate their specifications for the essays and the essay writers develop custom essays guided by these specifications.

The interaction between the customer and the writer is critical to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in essay writing. With this motivation, our company seeks to ensure that there is open communication between writers and customers.

In addition to hiring professional writers, we developed a strong customer support department to enhance communication between customers and our writers.

Our essay writing service is committed to excellence by helping our customers excel through providing high-quality essays. Our essay writing service prides itself in offering quality essay writing services to all our customers. Our success relies on the academic excellence of our esteemed customers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to spearhead improvements in academic writing by raising the bar in terms of the quality of essays. We are the leaders in academic essay writers and we have contributed largely to advancements in the field of academic writing.

We deliver quality each time and our customers keep coming back for more essays. With professional essay writers, we have set the bar high for other essay writers in the industry since they are compelled to improve the quality of their essays.

Customer-Centered Approach

Customers are highly valued and they dictate every process of the company. They determine what to be included in the essay, how long the essay writing process should take, and even the length of the essay.

Our essay writers simply follow the instructions provided by the customer. The customers also have the mandate to select the essay writer of choice to handle their essay. The customer is the boss and makes the decisions regarding the essay.

The customer controls the entire writing process that begins with placing an order. Once the customer places an order, they provide instructions that determine how the essay will be written.

These instructions dictate the approach of the essay writer in developing the essay. They include the topic, the writing style, and the length of the essay among other specifications. Our essay writers follow instructions keenly to develop a custom essay that meets all the customer’s requirements.

The customer also has the mandate to ask for a revision if the delivered essay fails to meet their expectations. The essay may fail to follow all the provided instructions hence the need to make adjustments.

The essay may also contain errors that the essay writer may have failed to detect. In this case, the customer can ask for a revision to ensure that the final essay meets all expectations. Our essay writers have the responsibility of ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the essay.

Our Pillars

Our professional employees:

Our employees are very valuable to our essay writing service since they are the service providers. They receive instructions from the customers and turn them into professional essays. Their expertise is the reason for our company’s colourful reputation.

Our essay writers are able to customize each essay to suit the desires of the customer. They are skilled in identifying the need of a customer and giving the customer the desired essay.

Our esteemed customers:

Our company exists to serve customers and ensure that they receive high-quality essays. Every customer is highly valued and accorded special treatment.

Our customers have increased over time due to referrals from satisfied customers. Our loyal customers have referred other customers to our services and have been the reason for our growth.

The feedback we receive from customers shapes our essay writing service and determines the types of services we offer. The customer is the boss and we simply exist to grant wishes. We cannot operate without our dear customers and we always ensure that they know how valuable they are to us.


Our Team

Our essay writing service has a superb team of professional essay writers, editors and customer support team.

Essay Writers

Our team includes highly qualified essay writers with years of experience in essay writing. They undergo thorough assessments to ensure that the customers' essays are handled by the best writers.

The essay writers have high academic credentials making them capable of handling complex projects. With their help, the customers are able to score high goals and attain academic excellence.

Our essay writers have excellent academic profiles and therefore know what it takes to attain high grades. Our customers can rest assured that their essays are in good hands.

In addition to high academic achievement, our essay writers have high levels of experience in writing academic essays. They have ample experience in writing various types of essays on numerous subjects.

We value quality and we, therefore, ensure that our writers are capable of delivering high-quality essays every time.


Our essay writing has an able team of editors who proofread essays and edit essays written by our essay writers or customers. The editors have experience in essay writing and therefore have sufficient knowledge of essay writing.

The editors proofread essays for any mistakes and grammatical errors. In some cases, the essay writers may miss some mistakes as they develop their essays.

Editing an essay that you have written may not be very effective hence the need for an editing team. Our editing team effectively edits essays to ensure that they are free of errors and that they meet high-quality standards.

They utilize editing tools that ensure the perfection of the process. The team comprises of top essay writers who have knowledge of the essay writing process and the standards of academic writing.

Customer Support Team

Our customers are highly valuable and we ensure that they receive excellent services by having a team that engages customers. Our customers can call or leave a message at any time of the day since our customer support team operates 24/7.

When faced by an emergency, our customers can simply get in touch with our support team for academic assistance.

There is always someone on the other end of the line to attend to you. Do not worry about your time zone, our support team operates day and night to ensure that all customers receive the services that they desire.

Our customer support team comprises of professionals who are fully dedicated to ensuring that customers are served and accorded the attention they deserve. Our customers can reach us for inquiries, advice, and placing orders.


Good Reputation

The company has managed to maintain an excellent reputation due to the high quality of essays produced by our writers. The company has been in the industry for years offering nothing but quality to our customers.

This has built a strong reputation for our company which ensures that our customers keep ordering essays from our essay writers. Our customers have nothing but praises for our essay writing service and they are the reason our company has grown over the years.

Consistent Growth

Our customers have increased significantly since the company launched ten years ago. We started with a few customers but the numbers have grown in thousands. Our customers hail from various countries across the globe including Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and the U.S.

With the support of our esteemed customers, our company has expanded operations and is able to handle large volumes of orders at the same time. Our customers possess high academic qualifications and receive essay writing assistance from us to ensure that they continue excelling academically.

Global Outlook

Global presence has increased the diversity of orders that our essay writers handle on a daily basis. In writing essays from different countries, our essay writers expand their level of knowledge which enables them to produce high-quality content for the customers.

Our support team is also dynamic and able to deal with customers from different parts of the world. They are well versed with the timelines, culture, and education systems of different countries. With this knowledge, they are able to offer better services in relation to essay writing.

Reputable Essay Writers

Our company has a team of award-winning writers who are highly qualified to handle all kinds of essays for our customers. Our essay writers are the best in the industry having the highest academic qualifications and the highest level of experience.

Our essay writers efficiently write essays for customers within the given time. They deliver quality essays on time by beating strict deadlines. They are qualified to write on all subjects and on all disciplines.

The essay writers specialize in their area of study and are therefore able to handle essays with ease. The writers are carefully vetted by both the management and the customers.


Essay Writing Help

Our sole purpose is to provide essay writing help to our customers. Our essay writing service offers various types of essay help to ensure that our customers receive the custom essays that they desire. Our business is to ensure that our customers have high-quality essays.

We have essay writers who specialize in various disciplines hence every discipline has experts ready to handle customers’ essays. We offer essay writing help on time since we observe deadlines.

Our customers can request for essay help at any time and receive an essay that meets all their requirements. When faced with the challenge of writing an essay, our customers know that they can always get in touch with us. You can also get your essay help today from our professional essay writers.



Our essay writing service offers convenience to our customers since they make orders at their convenience. There is no restriction on the time or procedure of placing orders with our essay writers.

Customers can place an order whenever and wherever they feel the need to. They can also order any kind of essay with the click of a button.

We do not require the customers to give extensive personal information that takes a lot of time to fill. We give the customers the freedom to choose the information they would like to disclose.

This saves them a lot of time and ensures that the order instructions reach the essay writers on a timely basis. Time is a valuable asset and it ensures that the essay writers prepare the essay and send to the customers on time.


Our brand is associated with excellence since, through our essay writing service, our customers are able to attain academic and career excellence.

The excellence of our customers is vital to our operations since it is our driving force. Once our customers excel, we celebrate since that is one of our major goals.

We ensure that we play our part diligently so that customers can improve their grades and attain high academic achievements. In writing essays, our essay writers pay close attention to the instructions provided by the customer.

In following instructions, the customer is assured of high goals. Also, the essay writers ensure that the essays are written in the proper writing style and that they are free of errors.

In taking these important steps, the customers are able to attain high grades and improve their academic performance.


Our essay writing service is committed to providing quality to our customers every time and that is our trademark. We associate strongly with quality and therefore ensure that we live up to our reputation.

We do not compromise on quality since we recognize that our customers choose our essay writing service for its guarantee of quality.

Our customers have become loyal to our essay writing service since we deliver essays with high-quality content. Every essay is original and written from scratch hence it is of high quality.

Our essay writers ensure that every essay is original and that there is no replication of content even with similarity in topics.

There is no compromising on quality and we have put in place quality checks to ensure that the content attains high-quality standards.


All our essays are original and contain unique content. Our essay writers handle every essay independently and develop new content for each of them.

They begin working on an essay after receiving instructions from the customer meaning that they do not write essays in advance. They handle one essay at a time giving maximum attention to the essays.

Every essay is treated with high importance and accorded the attention it demands. We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality and original content in every area of study.

Regardless of the subject, our essay writers are able to research and include content that is unique. You can be sure that your essay will be unique and of high quality when you choose our essay writers to write your essay.

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